“There’s No Crying In Baseball!”

FYI: this was written at the end of baseball season after confirming that children are no longer sent to the dugout after getting out on base. Okay so I’m fixing to get my rant on. I love Mayo. I love our little town. Even with all the gossip and the drama and everything that goes... Continue Reading →

Bitterness vs. the Past

So I was listening to something this week and it got me thinking. How many of us have a past that we would really rather not visit, think about or just erase all together? I'm just going to raise my hand now. Don’t get me wrong, I would be good if I could just go... Continue Reading →

Rubberneckin’ & Standards

6/6/18 7 a.m. walking out the door to leave for the day. Most days of the week Jesse clay has already been gone for an hour and a half 2 work. So as I'm leaving the house if there is a vehicle passing I pay attention. For the most part because we live in a... Continue Reading →

Taking a Look Around

I wrote this one during the frenzy of ball season. I'm not sure about the rest of yall, but at our house ball season throws everything in disarray. So while you are reading this picture yourself in the middle of little league baseball season in Mayberry, USA, because that is where I live, and I love it. For the rest of yall, we got two bridges and two swamps pick which one you want to cross as you leave. Hope you enjoy the read, I love feed back by the way, positive or corrective.

Jealousy cont.

So Jealousy! Didn't really hear from anyone about my last post. Wasn't expecting too, to be honest. Today's society is such an "Oh someone else will do it!" or "I don't have time to get involved." Glad yall said that cause you see not getting involved is how negative emotions like jealousy, once taken root,... Continue Reading →

Jealousy, another side…..

Jealousy, an emotion most of us know to be negative and unattractive.  We’re not supposed to covet other people’s stuff and we’re not supposed to want things that are not ours.

My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear, is my children growing up in this world as it gets worse. It's bad enough now. Driving to work this morning, beautiful sunrise, the flowers are blooming, Jesse Clay is at work, and I just dropped the boys at daycare. I was listening to the radio as I left the daycare and... Continue Reading →

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