Bitterness vs. the Past

So I was listening to something this week and it got me thinking. How many of us have a past that we would really rather not visit, think about or just erase all together? I'm just going to raise my hand now. Don’t get me wrong, I would be good if I could just go... Continue Reading →

Rubberneckin’ & Standards

6/6/18 7 a.m. walking out the door to leave for the day. Most days of the week Jesse clay has already been gone for an hour and a half 2 work. So as I'm leaving the house if there is a vehicle passing I pay attention. For the most part because we live in a... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Days

This past week our close nit community of North Florida was rocked to its core by the senseless death of two young men. Out to lunch while on duty, just a regular day on the job. For most people a regular day on the job is never life threatening. When they go anywhere, most people... Continue Reading →

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