Jealousy cont.

So Jealousy! Didn’t really hear from anyone about my last post. Wasn’t expecting too, to be honest. Today’s society is such an “Oh someone else will do it!” or “I don’t have time to get involved.” Glad yall said that cause you see not getting involved is how negative emotions like jealousy, once taken root, flourish.

Now it’s probably not your fault that it got rooted to begin with, then again how would you know you aren’t involved. Example: something goes wrong between you and another person. Could be a spouse, friend, relative, coworker, even a kid, but if you are too involved in yourself to even realise that something had gone wrong, jealousy takes root. That since of “Why hasn’t this person taken the time to clear the air with me?” “Am I not worthy of their time, there thoughts?” “I thought they loved, cared and minded what happens to me.”

That one problem is never really resolved, yall have just resolved to never really address it and move on. So the dynamics of your relationship are now changed forever. This isn’t mean or spiteful jealousy, this is personal, painful, shut yourself off from the world jealousy.

A person, afraid of getting hurt again by being pushed aside for something greater such as another’s personal wants,needs and selfish desires, will cut themselves of from others. They don’t want to be jealousy of another’s narcissistic vanity. Most people who experience this have no clue that this is what they are experiencing. All they know is that they were not good enough for this person. They feel as if they could never be good enough for anyone.

Y’all probably think I’m talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife situation. In reality I’m pulling from my personal experience as a child who could not understand why a parent never had enough time for her, or love, but plenty for whoever that was and whatever they wanted, and then as I became and adult and had children of my own I realize in full hindsight just how wrong it all was.

As an adult it’s easier for me to process my childhood emotions, and realize that, “holy crap!” I never want my children to feel that type of jealousy. I never want them to think that they rank lower than any of my personal wants or needs.


Applying that same concept to other people in your life, letting them know you care, makes a difference. The minute something goes wonky in a relationship, do whatever you can to fix it. Show that person you care enough about them to put some effort into it. You may not always agree on everything, but you can agree to love one another. This we were made to do, we are commanded to do.

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May His Son shine on you and your loved ones!!

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