Jealousy, another side…..

Jealousy, an emotion most of us know to be negative and unattractive.  We’re not supposed to covet other people’s stuff and we’re not supposed to want things that are not ours. There are times when our “belongings” are not where they should be or not in our possession or just drifting away from us or we’re drifting away from them and so our hearts begin to have the pain of jealousy grow. That little bitty growth can get so big, that if the road it is on, isn’t corrected, it could become really scary.


We’ve been instructed not to covet things that aren’t ours. We’re also told that jealousy is a horrible thing. Jealousy will get us in a lot of trouble. Jealousy is made out to be a very selfish emotion. It doesn’t seem to be an emotion that is concerned with anyone else or anyone else’s well-being. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to make it out to be something that it’s not. I’m just trying to articulate what jealousy actually is.

It’s not something we easily deal with, then again some of us revel in it. Some of us accepted this as part of everyday life and we use it as a way to figure out what we want or should have. Others battle it constantly, knowing that it’s not something that they should be feeling or relying on to make decisions with.WHEELHOUSE - Who cares if it's not in my wheelhouse

So if jealousy is in our wheelhouse of emotions what exactly are we supposed to do with it. If it’s an emotion that God himself experiences in a positive way then how are we supposed to experience it in a positive way.

Recently I went down to Priscilla Shirer Live in Tampa. That was a really cool experience! I was 15 feet from a woman who I think is really awesome. Something that she said while she was giving her message was that, when we read the Bible we are not always going to be able to take every piece of scripture and apply it to our lives, that sometimes when we read scripture we are just learning about who God is. That is paraphrased from my notes, just FYI.


So how can we take those parts of scripture that tells us that God is a jealous God, and use them to learn more about the God who loves us?

I’ve got some digging to do and I hope you’ll join me, cause there’s a whole other side to thing we call jealousy.


Thanks for reading, more to come on this subject soon. Leave me a comment at the bottom, about your experience with jealousy and how you came to understand it. Also if you have a verse that was particularly helpful during that time let us know. It takes a village and even though we like to thinks so, we never really grow up, lets help each other continue to grow!! May His Son shine on you!!


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